The number and valuation of building permits for new single-family residential construction dropped precipitously in May when compared to those of May 2018.

A year ago, the city of Mesquite Building Department issued 27 permits for new homes with a valuation of $6.176 million. This May, the department issued only 11 permits valued at $2.797 million. That led the overall drop for permits from 143 last year to 126 this year. Overall permit valuations dropped from $7.115 million in May 2018 to $5.052 million this year.

While Pulte Homes of Nevada, which usually leads the pack of homebuilders, only took out two permits, Nevada Residential Construction (NRC) was issued six permits last month. Construction West also took out two permits and Jackson Contracting received one permit.

The most expensive single-family home construction permit was valued at $487,500 with the least expensive permit valued at $114,036.

Even though the number of residential modification permits stayed steady year-to-year at 12, the valuation of the permits jumped from $57,673 last year to $302,796 this year.

Holding up the overall number and value of permits is once again attributed to commercial construction. Two permits for commercial buildings were issued with a total valuation of $368,650. That compares to one issued last year in this category valued at $285,984.

Six permits for commercial modifications were issued valued at $658,592. One permit for work at Deep Roots Harvest marijuana facility soaked up most of that with a value of $487,500.

The number of new business permits stayed steady year-over-year at three.

Block wall permits, usually an indication of future home construction, rose from 13 last year valued at $243,454 to 19 permits this year valued at $475,223.

The building department issued five permits for swimming pools, valued at $83,371, compared to eight permits last year, valued at $124,273.

As happened in May 2018, no permits for grading or demolition were issued in May of this year.