As I sit in front of my computer, I glance at the days’ news, articles and whatever miscellaneous stuff that pops up; my mind is off and running. Like the dialogue balloons in a cartoon, mine are filled with question marks…often wondering about things past and what is to come. No matter how we look at it, what actually happens or how we feel about it…one thing remains, the world doesn’t stop.

As every year goes by, change happens. There’s climate change, the cost of living change and something a bit more personal…age. We change as we grow; our opinions, our looks, our relationships, how we truly feel in our own skin. I recall feeling fearless and invincible when I was younger, but no longer do I feel that way. The safe suburban neighborhood I grew up in is no longer…like other neighborhoods there’s crime and plenty of people that do not care. In general, our world lacks mutual respect. I walk the neighborhood just so I can get an idea of who resides here; because I want to be aware of my surroundings…I want to be safe. But safety is not a guarantee anywhere any more.

My perception of the world has changed over the last few years and I now have a clearer understanding of what my grandparents meant, when they’d say to me “You can have this world; I liked it better when I grew up… it’s going to hell in a handbasket.” There’s some truth in that statement, though this particular phrase is an American phrase which was initially used during the American Civil War. I’m grateful for growing up when I did, life was simpler. I was blessed to have known my great-grandparents, great-aunts & uncles, cousins and of course my grandparents. When they talked about their lives…I listened. They grew up in smaller homes, shared rooms when sleeping, did farming…went to dances, churches and gathered on Sundays for dinner together; everyone was always welcome. I may have been small, but I’m glad I was there…those were wonderful times; but the world continues its journey.

Today, people can’t seem to get enough of everything; it’s all about EXCESS. People want larger homes, more stuff…hence the storage facilities, automobiles for every person driving in the home (no one shares anymore) and the list goes on. How many fast-food restaurants do we really need? Why do restaurant’s (example Applebee’s) need so many varieties to choose from?  Why on earth do we need hundreds of cable channels? We live in a world that continues to evolve and give us more of everything. Regardless of how many products are on the market, they continue to make more, whether the same or different… like cell phones…a newer version is out every year. Then there’s gaming videos; why do they have to make such violent ones?  Digital technology can make it so life-like…I believe it’s desensitized the human heart.

As the world turns, so do I…and I no longer require as much as I once wanted; notice I said ‘wanted’, I had actually believed I ‘needed’ everything; I was so wrong. What this world needs more of…is LOVE; caring, compassionate people, with a real sense of community and mutual respect.

Make your week count.