By Travis Lauterbach

“Jesus Offers Peace to a Divided World”

There’s an absence of peace in the world.

Worldview conflicts dominate many continents.

Every day in the news there are rumors of uprisings and wars.

Ebola ravages parts of Africa.

The killing of Christians in various parts of the world continues to rise.

Worldview divisions in the United States are daily news items.

Murders and shootings seem to be an increasing daily reality.

The divorce rate is still high and many families are in conflict amongst themselves.

Individual bodies and minds face various kinds of illnesses, sufferings, and injuries.

Lack of peace leads people to attempt to numb the pain in different ways, but those always wear off and the absence of peace is still there.

An absence of peace should not be surprising.

In this world, after the fall of Adam and Eve into sin, all people are born with selfish desires.

Theologians have long described the situation as humans being curved in on themselves.

Human sinful tendency is to think about “me first.” When two people think about “me first,” conflict happens.

For example, if I’m thirsty and want a drink, I get up and get one without another thought. Many times if someone else asks me to get a drink for them, for a few seconds at the very least, I think about it.

That’s “me first” at the most basic level.

Now think about a world where seven billion people think about “me first.” It’s not pretty.

Many of us long for, pray for, and strive for peace on earth. It’s something that should be sought.

True peace, lasting peace, eternal peace is available.

Jesus says, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give unto you: not as the world gives do I give unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be fearful.” (John 14:27)

Jesus gives a peace that none other can offer.

His peace brings comfort even when everything feels like it’s falling apart.

Travis Lauterbach is the pastor of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church located in the Falcon Ridge Business Park in Mesquite, NV.