I love animals, and taking care of dogs requires a bit more than cats. Cats are independent and have their litter box; like people, they go in the same designated place all of the time…but dogs, they need to be walked, have a yard to play in, and do the deed (bathroom) while being picked up after. I am annoyed at those who shed their responsibility of picking up their pets’ waste, so maybe they’re the ones who need to invest in a pet robot; or something similar…like a device that picks up their poop for them.

While I enjoy walking dogs, I can’t help but notice others, carrying no bags while taking their furry friend out for a walk. Some (owners) are elderly and can’t always bend down, I understand…but then they should be kept on their own property or better yet, invest in a robotic that does it for them. With a little research, one should be able to find the right device for them.

Starting with the robotics Beetl poop pick up robot, you can check out how it works on YouTube or on their Face Book page. The device has a camera which locates the matter and picks it up. However, I found something that I believe is better; an Automatic Pooper Scooper, which disinfects the area and uses biodegradable bags! You can see it here; https://odditymall.com/dooup-disinfecting-pooper-scooper but also sells on Amazon. Another one I found was TOTO, similar to the Roomba; it roams the yard, as it finds your pets waste and disposes of it. Once the device is full it notifies the owner, through a signal pad of lights located on this device. This also uses biodegradable bags. Whatever issues one might have for ‘Not’ picking up their pets poop, there are plenty of resources on the market today to take care of the problem. Simply put … Pet owners have a responsibility, just as adults do with small children; you wouldn’t let a child defecate in someone else’s home on the floor, would you? Pets are a part of the family, and should be treated as so.

This is the time of year everyone enjoys the outdoors, whether people and or animals, we especially love our parks, but I for one don’t like stepping in a big pile of doggy doo…it’s disgusting, smelly and ruins shoes. Just because you decide to take your pet off the leash to run, doesn’t give you the right to let your pet do his/her duty and leave it there. It’s a public place for all to enjoy, in its pristine beauty…without the animal waste. Most parks today have an environmentally friendly dog waste depot, which includes poop bags. For those of us using our own bags, we too should try and use the biodegradable bags…our Mother Earth is in trouble, and we could all be a little more environmentally aware.

Enjoy this summer with your family and furry friends. When going out into public places, don’t forget to take the necessary items if bringing the family pet along. Remember…we all share this planet and coexist with one another; let’s keep it clean and beautiful for everyone to enjoy!

Make your week count.