The Muller report is out and it clears President Trump of colluding with the Russians. Will that stop the constant attack on the President, of course not. It seems absurd that the attacks continue after an incredible investigation found no crime was committed related to collusion with the Russians. There were some crimes committed by some of the people interviewed but nothing to do with the President. The estimated cost of this investigation runs upward of $30 million dollars. Let’s divide that by the people who worked on producing the report (18) people so that is about 2 million each. Not bad for finding nothing.

Now it seems the battle has shifted to charging Trump with Obstruction of Justice. Assuming that the job of Justice is to find someone guilty or innocent of some crime; this raises the question that if there was no crime, how can anyone obstruct Justice? The crimes that were prosecuted had nothing to do with Trump so how could he in any way have obstructed Justice?

The crime here was an attempted coup d’état of the government by some of those who thought they knew better than the American people. They were going to save us from ourselves, even after the people had expressed their dissatisfaction with the way government was being run. The elitists in Washington knew how things should work and they were going to step in and make sure it happened the way they wanted.

If obstruction of justice doesn’t work out let’s change the Electoral college system so New York, California and Illinois control who becomes president. Little Nevada has nothing to say about who gets elected. One of the bills introduced in Nevada legislature by the Democrats does just that, it would give our electoral votes to whoever wins the popular vote. The good news is that we would not even have to vote and think how much the parties will save by not having to advertise in Nevada. Some might say that is a blessing.

What to do: investigate who started this whole charade against Trump and prosecute to the limit. Find out who was working with the Russians to affect our elections and prosecute them for Treason. The people who tried to overthrow our duly elected President are traitors, not to Trump but to America. There should not be a single one of them left standing.

Look at some of our elected House of representatives who are completely consumed by trying to get Trump. They were elected to help run our country not pursue their personal vendettas. Out with all of them. This has been a bad time for America except for President Trump, in spite of incredible odds he has accomplish so much. So please tell us why we should get rid of him and let the fools run the country.


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