Woodmancy and Chief

Mesquite Police Department Volunteer Coordinator Don Woodmancy was awarded a plaque commemorating his retirement at the April 23, 2019 Mesquite City Council meeting. Although Don retired from his military, law enforcement, and real estate careers years ago his desire to serve and give back to the community has lived on. He selflessly served as a volunteer within the Mesquite Police Department for just over 14 years starting in March of 2005. Don personally gave his time and energy to this community with volunteer service hours totaling approximately 14,301 hours at a dollar value of over $363,674 in savings.

Not only has Don spent his spare time volunteering, but he has also been instrumental in recruiting well over 100 volunteers to the Police Department’s volunteer program as Volunteer Coordinator.  These volunteers have collectively volunteered over 61,212 hours at a dollar value of $1,556,621 in savings to the community of Mesquite.

Over the past 14 years Don has been awarded the Gold level award from the President of the United States Volunteer Recognition Program every year since 2005, and the Lifetime Award in 2011.

“We may be able to count the exact number of hours Don Woodmancy donated to the City of Mesquite,” said Chief Chesley, “but we will never be able to quantify how important he was to the volunteer program, police department, and our city. We will miss his expertise and experience and we wish him the best while he finally gets to enjoy retired life”.



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