It’s an exciting time to be a Mesquite Desert Dogs Fan!!!!! After a long hard season, our team has officially made it to the playoffs. Coach Wiley and I are excited to announce that our April 18th game will be the FIRST ever playoff game, not only for our team but for our fabulous city. We will take on the Yakima SunKings, Thursday, April 18th at VVHS at 7:00 pm, doors will open at 6:30 pm.

The playoff schedule is as follows:
April 18 at Mesquite
April 19 at Yakima
April 20 at Yakima
At this time we do not have the championship schedule. We will keep everyone posted once playoffs have concluded.  We do apologize for not having a game now on the 19th at home but please understand, this is a start up league and team. In the minor leagues, adjustments are occasionally made. We never want to upset our fan base but start up teams are like start up businesses, you have to adjust at times to make it all work. So while it may feel disappointing to not have the game on the 19th, please join me in celebrating that OUR team has made the PLAYOFFS.  This is truly a remarkable event for us all.  We will see you very soon.
Kelly Doyle