April 5, 1909, Littlefield: While out on a merry good time last Sunday for a drive, C.M.Peterson and company drove into the river at a narrow crossing, and the river rising overflowed the buggy to the seats. had it not been for the coolness of C.M. Peterson and able handling of the team by C.M.Peterson serious results may have followed.

April 5, 1913: The Virgin Valley towns are awake to the importance of assisting in the work of securing the construction of an automobile road to connect the cities of Los Angeles and Salt lake, Passing through St George, Bunkerville, St Thomas, Lase Vegas and Searchlight.

April 8,1918: A party was given here last Saturday night in honor of Arthur Reber and Miss Leora Leavitt who have just returned from St George, where they were married in the temple April 5th.

April 9, 1908: Joseph H Reber and Henry Frehner of Littlefield, Arizona were transacting business here (Washington County) last Friday.

April 10, 1910: We are enjoying beautiful weather and good health here with plenty of work, which makes one feel o.k. We are anxiously waiting for the railroad to come through this county.

Our grape vines are very heavily loaded this year and it looks like we have a very good crop. Grapes do well and are high in demand.

April 10, 1920: We are still having cold weather here for this time of the year. Most of the fruit is frozen.