March 21, 1921:  A very much desired rain fell it made everything look fresher and greener.

J.W. Pollock is the owner of a new Ford truck.

March 21, 1922, Littlefield: The men all left to work the road between Littlefield and Mesquite. This certainly will be a credit when it is completed.

Quite a number of young folks attended the wedding dance last Thursday at Mesquite. They report a very good time.

March 22,1917: Born to Mr and Mrs. Jos H Reber a daughter March 11th, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Leavitt, March 20 all do very nicely.

Albert Frehner is here from St Thomas and plans to stay some time to look after his farm.

March 23, 1916: Jos H Reber of Littlefield was here (Washington County) was here the fore part of the week on business

March 25, 1916, Bunkerville: Quite a number of the young folks went to Moapa Valley MIA (mutual improvement association) day the Scout boys all went. The rest of the young folks that were left behind had a party at the home of Miss Leavitt.