Americans have a genuine fondness for celebrities, and one of their favorite pastimes is watching them on television; from weekly dramas to sports, comedy and reality tv, people are tuning in daily. Television is big business, and executives are aware of what it takes to keep a successful show on the air, keeping its viewers tuned in weekly is necessary. TV audiences can be loyal fans of favorite shows, making sure they never miss an episode, and in todays world…finding a television isn’t hard to do. We live in a society that’s infatuated with shows and videos; in a world of televisions.

Walk into a pub, sports bar, or restaurant, I’m sure you’ll spot a television or two…or multiple TVs throughout. I’ve seen televisions in doctor and dental offices, grocery stores and even at the gas pumps today, there’s no shortage of them anywhere. So, has putting televisions in all these public places become the American way? Has it become necessary for places to entertain their customers every minute of the day?

Since televisions have undergone a transformation, their slim designs have made it easy for businesses to place them wherever they want to. However, I can’t help but feel as if it’s an invasion of sorts, especially in restaurants and some offices. It’s bad enough that people have their heads buried in their phones, instead of making conversation with one another. When patronizing a place with multiple televisions I can’t help but notice all the background noise; it makes me crazy. Is there no refuge for those who don’t need the so-called babysitter? That’s what TV’s do…babysit customers, it keeps them occupied; further reducing mental stimulation. I prefer to take a book with me when heading out for a lengthy appointment, but the constant TV noise makes it difficult to concentrate when reading. It’s as if no one wants to pick up a book or magazine and read these days; instead they’d rather watch something. Our society has become complacent, and Americans like to sit; they’d rather socialize online while ordering food from an app (having it delivered) as they begin streaming on their television. It’s the way it is today.

There are too many televisions in our public places, and I suspect it will only get worse. If I go to a restaurant and spot a TV, I will ask to sit far away from it, or I walk out; too much noise, not interested. Living in a digital world means connecting through devices and having media services available 24/7.  Currently, we are facing more changes to television technology through collaborative efforts of creators, content producers and cable operators. It’s about downloading shows through a variety of TV Apps (which are many) while allowing its viewers to use multiple devices for watching. Apparently, there will be never be a shortage of television…my only hope is that this next generation realizes there’s more to life than sitting in front of a screen watching endless TV. People need to get off their butts and be active, take in the outdoors…work on building positive relationships, and always be mindful; less television = living life to its best potential.

Make your week count.