Feb. 14, 1910, Littlefield: Fruit trees are in bloom, grain is coming up, [the Lucerne is looking green. Looks like Spring now.

Feb. 14,1910, Littlefield:  Walter Iverson has moved to the Washington field to rent a farm of Isaac McFarlane of St George. Iverson property in Littlefield was greatly damaged by the big Flood.

Feb. 17,1900, Littlefield:  Joseph Reber has gone with wheat to the Virgin Rio Mills at Washington UT.

Feb. 17, 1900: Thos. F Gilan of Richfield, and John Murray of Gold Mountain left here (Littlefield) Tuesday on a prospecting trip. They go to examine some mining property first near Littlefield, from there to examine a mine near Bunkerville, and will make their way via the Grand Gulch, Savanac, Cunningham and other mining properties in that direction to the Colorado River They expect to be gone for some time.

Feb. 17, 1908: We have Measles at last, Joseph Frehner being the afflicted one.

Feb. 17, 1908: What might have been a serious accident occurred at the house of Joseph Reber. he was preparing poison and pouring the contents of a bottle into some water, with his wife and two children standing nearby. One of the children wanted the bottle and the father , to settle the dispute put it on the stove. It exploded, Throwing the top of the stove off and every door open, filling the room with  live coals and fumes, the coals striking one of the children about  the face quite badly.

Feb. 18, 1899, Washington County News: Mrs. Myron Abbot of Bunkerville was here Thursday with a load of cotton for the Rio Virgin Mills