Feb. 2, 1918:  President Annie R Edwards of the Stake Mutual was here on Tuesday in the interest of Mutual work. he has also done much to promote the Red Cross work while on the trip and carries fees and blanks for membership from Bunkerville to the County chapter in Las Vegas where she will visit her brother C.C. Ronnow.

Feb. 4, 1922: Mrs. Mary Leavitt of Mesquite died at the home of her son, Fran Leavitt, Thursday morning, January 31st, at 4 o’clock. Mrs. Leavitt had long since reached the allotted three score and ten years and for some time had not been in good health but age and ill health together with the fact she was blind had not dimmed her interest in her friends and in community happenings. She had lived in the Virgin Valley many years, coming with her husband Dudley Leavitt, Sr. from Southern Utah. During the early years her husband was one of the men that spend a goodly share of his tome and ingenuity in keeping peace with the Indians and she shared with him the dangers of pioneer days.

Feb. 6, 1915: The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hafen died Saturday night. Funeral services were held at the cemetery.

Feb. 6, 1991, Littlefield: Mrs. Robert Reber has gone to Bunkerville to visit with her parents, Mr and Mrs. Herbert Waite.