The brown shirts seemed to have taken over our famed FBI. Some may still remember reading about the brown shirts that helped Hitler takeover of the German Weimar Republic in the 1930s. These thugs would break down doors drag people off in the middle of the night and had regular people terrified. They believed in the socialist promise of National Socialism, much of which we are seeing today in many elected democrats.

I know it is hard to believe that our own FBI has turned to those tactics. However, FBI agents with guns drawn in full combat gear and night-vision glasses and just before dawn Friday morning, surrounded the Florida home of President Trump‘s former campaign adviser, Roger Stone.

“FBI, Open the door! FBI warrant!” the agents commanded as they repeatedly pounded on the door all of which is clearly shown in a video of the raid broadcast on CNN. Moments later, Stone appeared in the doorway in sleepwear with his glasses on.

“Are you Roger Stone?” an agent asked him. “Yes,” he responded. Stone was then led away. That’s what the Brown Shirts did in Germany; go in at dawn, with a massive show of force. It was estimated that the FBI had 29 agents to arrest one middle aged man. Scaring the entire neighborhood, making people think they had a dangerous criminal next door.

What were the charges that were so serious that they require a nighttime raid, seven counts in connection with special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election? This is a political investigation and who could believe that Stone would put up a fight. Stone’s attorney called the morning raid a “spectacle” and “completely unnecessary.”  “Everyone knows where Roger Stone is, he’s not in hiding.” He has come in several times for questing.

Stone spoke to reporters after the raid, after making his federal court in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He said; “This morning at the crack of dawn, 29 FBI agents arrived at my home with 17 vehicles with their lights flashing, when they could simply have contacted my attorneys and I would have been more than willing to surrender voluntarily,” he said. “They terrorized my wife, my dogs and my neighbors.”

Stone said; “I will plead not guilty to these charges. I will defeat them in court,” He also said, “As I have said previously, there is no circumstance whatsoever under which I will bear false witness against the president, nor will I make up lies to ease the pressure on myself. I look forward to being fully and completely vindicated.”

Some said the raid on Stone’s house was necessary, Because Stone’s repeated public vows to never testify against or incriminate Mr. Trump under any circumstances. They believe that it is fine to be able to raid someone’s house at dawn, to wake them, drag them off to jail for political charges.

Furthermore, why were CNN cameras at the raid on Stone’s house? The FBI or Mueller’s office obviously tipped off CNN and they staged a real production. Was it meant to scare all of us, as to their power and if we do what or opposed them in any way we maybe next? Even if you don’t like Stone or Trump, it is curious why Mueller’s office or the FBI tipped off CNN instead of trying to quietly arrest Stone; quiet arrests are much more likely to be safe, with no trouble to the FBI and the person involved.

Is this what the FBI has become, if so, they need to be disbanded. Someone else needs to keep us all safe and use common sense in enforcing the law, not Storm Trooper tactics to intimidate the people they are supposed to serve.  What has our great country become, government people, plotting a coup d’état’ to upset the will of the American people.