Massive amounts of dirt are being moved on Pioneer Boulevard behind the Methodist and Lutheran churches and east of the commercial building that houses the DMV. According to Richard Secrist, city of Mesquite Development Services director, the project began with Overton Power District’s need to install a new power line across the I-15 interstate highway.

“OPD wanted to knock down the hill behind the churches when they installed the new power line to make it easier to access the area,” Secrist said. “They contacted the owner of the lot next to the area and made arrangements to move a lot of the dirt there and fill in the hole.”

From there, the land owner and developer decided to continue filling in the hole to make it more amenable for development down the road, according to Secrist.

“They needed to elevate the land enough to allow any drainage to flow to Pioneer Boulevard and not the interstate,” Secrist said.

Several years ago, the then-landowners proposed a high-end recreational vehicle park for the 12.49-acre lot. After much public outcry and opposition, the owners abandoned the idea and sold the land.

Sonora Hills Mesquite, LLC purchased the land in November 2018 for $93,726.

As far as any solid development plans are concerned, Secrist said his office is not aware of any nor has any developer submitted intentions for the land. “It’s zoned for low density, multi-family housing that will allow 10 units per acre,” he said. “But we are not aware at this time of what the land owners intend to do with the area.”