Hot rods, street rods and rat rods filled the streets of Mesquite this past weekend for the 11th Annual Mesquite Motor Mania.

Spectators were ramped up over the roaring engines, slow drags and burn outs and of course the cash and prizes, the event provided opportunity for more than $15,000 to the entrants.

Each car enthusiast has their own reasons for showing, restoring and loving their hobby but Mesquite resident Richard Roberts had quite the story behind Mom’s 1950 Chevy, which he didn’t mind sharing.

Many years ago, in Ely, two boys with the last name Roberts romped around in a warehouse full of old beat up cars, “Mom’s 50” was one of the cars they used to sit and play in.

Years later, about 20 ago, in that same warehouse mom Gloria Montoya decided she wanted to restore an old car and chose the 1950 Chevy, the one that had been sitting in that same warehouse for the past 27 years, to be the one; after all, dad already had his own truck.

It was an ugly color and according to her son, she had it painted a beautiful baby blue, it received a better engine; a 235 straight 6 and the interior was also replaced but everything else in the car is original and most of it was restored by mom before Richard inherited it.

Now Roberts and his family take good care of it and don’t mind sharing “Mom’s 50” with other residents. The car has seen a few parades and other events around town, not to mention Motor Mania. Some may have looked better, won more prizes or their engines may have sounded louder, but none could be loved any more than “Mom’s 50.”