Finding the right auto insurance today can be a challenge; most have increased, but it depends on the state in which you reside. You have a perfect driving record, no tickets, accidents or any other mishaps…but when your annual bill arrives you notice a drastic increase, soaring you into a frenzy.  It’s all about crashes, crimes and uninsured motorists in the area you live, and a few miscellaneous factors.

The average consumer often pays the price for those that drive around uninsured and, or recklessly on our streets every day. Turn on the news channel and you’ll see the hit and runs from the day before. These types of crimes are on the rise; from stolen vehicles to side swiping vehicles, hit and runs and parking lot madness. Angry drivers are on the roads and carrying weapons. Drivers need to be aware and have eyes all around their head, as they travel the streets and highways. Incidents range from people being side-swiped to violent hits by reckless drivers, and some found themselves looking down the barrel of a gun; the crime now elevates, and they take off speeding away from the crash site, usually never being caught because the victim is startled when facing a weapon, not allowing them to see the license plate. A senseless crime, while the average motorist becomes the target of Insurance premium costs; of course, there are requirements, along with an insurance system that is used by each state. These are all differentiating factors that affect everyone, not to mention your credit score. Most states use a crash/crime and claims rate, but considering recent weather storms (mud slides, hurricanes, tornados), this too plays a role into rising premiums.

Finding the best insurance takes time, and you should always check with a variety of companies before signing on the dotted line and submitting payment. Also, if you can pay for your premium in full…for the year, you may qualify for a discount. Looking for ways to save should be on everyone’s agenda, so let’s get started; Age (above 55), take a higher deductible, reduce coverage if vehicle is older (need to check KBB), bundle homeowners insurance and see what discounts you can get if you take a defensive drivers course. I was told from an agent at AAA Insurance that they will offer a discount to take the course online. It’s important that you get the coverage you need though, so don’t short-change yourself on the policy you choose. Another fact-finding insurance answer I received was about a car rental, in the event you’re left without wheels due to an accident. The size automobile you own has no bearing on the one you will receive; so, don’t be surprised to be given a small basic model. The Insurance agent can tell you what is in your policy as far as the rental size goes, while you’re checking premium costs. To some it’s important, but not to all.

Well, it’s that time of year for me when everything comes due at once; my policy went up $200.00 for the year and I have a great record. To my surprise I realized it doesn’t matter how clean the car is (100k miles on a clean 03 Buick limited) …worth only $1,500 or so to the insurance company if it were totaled. I was mystified and asked my agent “where I can get a dependable vehicle for that kind of money?” It’s low miles, clean with all service records, one owner, new brakes, tires, no accidents and runs great and has many years left…I will never be able to replace it for $1,500!! The agent told me to buy a newer car; really?? Anyhow…it was a huge let down, and so I wanted to know more about insurance premiums. My hope for you is that you take the time to know exactly what you are paying for today, unfortunately we need insurance for our protection against those uninsured motorists and more. So, while that’s a fact of life for most of us, do…be diligent in searching for the right insurance. Happy shopping and help keep our roads safe for all drivers, by keeping an eye out always.

Make your week count.