A new composition, a variety of instruments and voice will join the Cliffrose Chamber Music Series in its fifth concert on Sunday, Jan. 27, at 3 p.m.

The Cliffrose Chamber Series performs at the Christian Community Church, located at 233 N. Sandhill Blvd. The concert is free and open to the public. Donations are appreciated and help cover performance expenses.

Baritone Dan Rhodes will sing “Feed My Sheep,” written by Cliffrose musician Brent Pettit. “The piece uses the powerful language of music to remind us that we just need to take good care of each other,” says Pettit. “The music is scored for piano, strings and voice. Dan Rhodes’ voice is well suited for the pastoral setting of the text. This piece should add variety to the remainder of the program’s music selected from standard chamber music repertoire.”

“We are pleased to have James Harvey, a Las Vegas Philharmonic first violinist join us,” Pettit said. “James will join Cliffrose violinist Josephina Romero in performing the Vivaldi A Minor Concerto for Two Violins, and Beethoven’s String Trio in D Major.”

The Jan. 27 matinee will include a rare opportunity to hear an early music group, the Zephyr Recorder Consort from Moapa Valley. They will play authentic period music in tandem with harpsichord and cello. “Logandale harpsichordist Gaye Nelson will play solo keyboard selections scored for the harpsichord, which was widely used before the invention of the piano,” Pettit said. “Ms. Nelson will perform on her six foot harpsichord which is a reproduction based on actual instruments made in the 1700s.

“We are very pleased with the beauty and size of the assembly hall at the Christian Community Church. The audience and musicians can really see each other, which leads to a special musical connection for everyone present.”