Theft has been on the rise with each passing year, and while more people are protecting their identities using services, it’s the personal property that’s rarely recovered. Thieves are more brazen today, as well as heartless. They take what they want…when they want it and never give it a second thought; there have been 5.6 billion in stolen property from 2017 to date, according to the FBI. Also, once the FBI or local police recover stolen items, the task of returning personal property to the rightful owners becomes daunting; as there’s no way to determine who it belongs to.

There’s now a new way to protect your personal property using technology and your DNA. It comes in an anti-theft kit which allows the person to tag their items with a small dot; this allows law enforcement to identify the stolen item and return it to the owner. You may find this kit at . It doesn’t cost to register, and they will send you a kit which includes a glue-like adhesive, containing thousands of microscopic dots that are chemically etched with your own unique pin (personal identification number). You then swab your valuables and important items, so they may be linked back to your account with this pin. While the first kit is free, shipping costs $4.99; a great deal for a peace of mind. The company also offers other items for a small price, enabling you to tag an array of different things in your home, auto and more, not to mention Pet DNA; another way technology can be used to protect your furry friends.

So far there are over 5000 police departments that have teamed up with the company Pro Tech DNA across the country, and their numbers continue to grow; adding 1000 or more (law agencies) monthly to their database. I urge each one of you to register for your kit today. It’s available for FREE for a short time, so don’t waste a minute signing up, otherwise it sells for forty dollars. I know it doesn’t guarantee you will get your stolen property returned to you, but you never know where your stuff ends up; pawn shops, e bay and craigslist are just a few places in which stolen items are sold or traded, not to mention the ‘Dark Web’. It’s truly unfortunate that we must live this way but considering all the tragedies we see each year…we must always be vigilant, protecting ourselves, our family and personal property. Start the year out right and learn how to protect everything that’s important to you. Educate yourself on technology that can offer protection and added security to your life; we are all worth the investment.

Make your week count.