Jan. 3, 1910, Littlefield, AZ:  The biggest and most destructive flood ever known in this locality came down the river on the first of the year. H.P. and Dora Iverson’s house and most of its contents destroyed. Mr. Iverson also lost two wagons and other property to the value of $2000. Joseph F Reber’s house and granary stands on the bank of the river and he will have to pull them down and move them before they are washed away. Leavitt’s ranch is almost a thing of the past, the river having taken the biggest part of the land away and completely destroying the ditch (irrigation canal). At Beaverdams the flood ran two feet through Albert Strasser’s house, took about one third of Samuel Relm’s field and Half of the McKnight’s farm. Well, to sum it all up, the flood played h–ll with us here.

Jan. 6, 1900: A letter from Elder Albert Frehner (Missionary), of Littlefield AZ, now on a mission in Switzerland, will shortly appear in these columns.

Jan. 6, 1909, Washington County news: DIXIE’S FLOODS: Mail lost, stage carried away, horses drowned, Passenger and driver swim for their lives. Warm rains succeeding heavy snowfall produced a state of flood throughout this section that stands without precedent. The floods came down the Virgin River, Santa Clara creek and other streams at tremendous volumes, on the 31st and on the 1st. doing damage to lands and other properties near the streams.Big as the combined volume of water from the Virgin River and the Santa Clara creek and Fort Pearce wash was yet it was exceeded by the flood that came down the Beaverdam Wash, so that the river assumed a terrible aspect before it reached Littlefield, Bunkerville Mesquite and other settlements down river, at all of which places it did great damage. The mail stage was swept away. Word was received here from Modena that a 100 miles of track between Acoma and Moapa had been lost.

Jan. 7, 1916, Bunkerville: Mrs. Henry Frehner of Littlefield spent the holidays here (Bunkerville)

Jan. 8, 1915, Littlefield, AZ: Samuel Reber Jr and son Arthur of mesquite Nev. passed through here today on their way home from St George. Mr. and Mrs. Frehner have returned from Santa Clara. Mrs Henrietta Frehner is on the sick list.