Due to the recent passing of his owner, Jeanne Salerno, Onyx finds himself in need of a new and FOREVER home.  Onyx is a gently giant feline, approximately 11 years old and was very dedicated to his owner. He will miss her and require an new human that has the same heart and compassion as Jeanne had; those of you who knew her would understand the love he’s been accustomed to.

Onyx is declawed so must remain an indoor cat but we promise you, he’ll not mind sitting in the house and by you all day long; nighttime too.

Onyx LOVES people but, not so much, other cats or dogs; it would be better if he didn’t have any competition for his attention; he is capable of giving you all the love you need.

Onyx doesn’t jump on counters, he was taught well and has great manners.

He’s jet black and invisible in the dark so if you’re interested, please don’t have any sight or balance issues; Onyx loves to lay around and he’s 17 lbs of pure love and laziness that will definitely trip you up in the dark.

If you are in need of a fur friend extraordinaire, Onyx just may be the feline for you.

If you are interested, please contact phbenedict@gmail.com; he can give you all the details.