December 27, 1912, Mesquite:  Yesterday Bunkerville people came over here and spent the day in all kinds of sports. The married men contested with the single men. They stayed over for the play and dance at night. Last night the Dramatic club put on a play called The Spy of Gettysburg. The Characters all did well and the play was liked by everyone that saw it.

December 27, 1913: The Post Office department has arranged a series of examinations for the position of Postmaster. Among the positions to be appointed from those taking the examination are those at Alamo, Arden, Beatty, Blair, Bunkerville, Good Springs, Moapa, Overton St Thomas. The applicant for a post office must reside within the territory supplied by that office.

December 28, 1912: Miss Lottie Hansen, Miss Alise Lewis and Ralph Leavitt of Overton went to Bunkerville for the Holidays.

December 28, 1912, Bunkerville: Born a son to Mr and Mrs C Bowman on Christmas morning.

December 29, 1911, Bunkerville: Holidays are passing quietly. We have been having very cold weather ice from one to two inches thick. The wind melted all the ice though the wind was cold.

January 2, 1915, Bunkerville: Last Week two days, Thursday and Saturday, were spent in leveling the sidewalks and fixing ditches, Monday of this week about 43 men and boys hauled 663 loads of gravel and fixed all the sidewalks in town so that every side walk in town is now level. It was decided the squad of men that hauled the most gravel was to have a pound of candy each, but the judges looked at the work and called it even so they gave them a free dance for everyone. The town was also treated to candy at the dance on Wednesday.