Some calls that Mesquite Fire and Rescue receives are not always included in the report, as a synopsis is not received. To show the amount of work our Fire and Rescue workers do, we are including a weekly roster of stats. There were 68 calls this week:

Breathing 4

Cardiac Arrest 3

Choking 2

Convulsions 2

Diabetic 3

Falls 9

Fire alarm 2

Fire investigation 3

Fire public Education 1

Fuel spill 1

Heart problem 1

Hemorrhage 1

MVA w/injury 2

Overdose 2

Patient Transport 17

Pregnancy 1

Public assist 1

Sick person 9

Stroke (CVA) 1

Trauma 1

Unconscious 2

Nov. 18:

Overdose:  Rescue 11 responded on an accidental overdose. No patient found.

Convulsions:  Rescue 31 and Rescue 32 responded for a person having seizures. Patient transported to Mesa View.

Nov. 19:

Fire Public Education:  Inspector 1 responded to an apartment complex to provide public education to youth regarding fire safety.

Trauma:  Rescue 11 responded to a report of someone falling from a trampoline. One patient was transported to the local hospital

Nov. 20:

Heart Problem:  Rescue 11 and Rescue 32 dispatched to the report of heart problems. One person was transported to the local hospital.

Cardiac Arrest:  Rescue 11 and Rescue 31 responded to a cardiac arrest, arrest confirmed.

Nov. 21:

Public Assist:  Engine 31 responded to reports of a Mesquite resident who needed assistance with their fire alarms.

Breathing: Rescue 11 responded to Mesquite Detention center for a reported person with difficulty breathing. Person was treated on scene and signed Against Medical Advice Form.

Nov. 22:

Fuel Spill:  Engine 31, Rescue 31, and Rescue 11 responded to report of a fuel spill. A generator in the bed of a pickup truck was found to be leaking fuel. Leak was controlled by Engine 31 and Rescue 11.

Nov. 23:

Cardiac Arrest:  Rescue 11 responded to a person in cardiac arrest, obviously death.

Pregnancy: Rescue 11 and Rescue 32 responded for a person giving birth. Patient and baby transported to Mesa View Hospital.

Nov. 24:

Choking:  Rescue 11 responded for a person choking. Patient signed out against medical advice.

Overdose: Rescue 31 was dispatched out to a possible overdose. Patient was transported to our local hospital.