The building industry in Mesquite continued a healthy pace in October with robust housing and commercial construction. The city issued 142 permits valued at $9.720 million. That compares to October 2017 when 94 permits were issued valued at $4.955 million.

One permit was issued to Trade West Construction for a general commercial building on West Hafen Lane valued at $250,800. Four permits for commercial modifications were issued valued at $649,442. One of them was taken out by Deep Roots Harvest worth $554,000. It continues work on the marijuana dispensary renovations that have been ongoing most of the year.

Last year, no permits were taken for commercial buildings and only two permits were issued for commercial modifications.

One new business permit was issued in October compared to three issued last year.

The city issued 32 permits in October for single family residents valued at $7.802 million. In October 2017, 20 permits worth $4.497 million were issued.

For the first time in years, two permits were issued for multi-family residences to NRC valued at $299,208.

Pulte Homes of Nevada, which builds all new homes in Sun City Mesquite, took out 14 permits for new homes. LHSC took out seven permits and NRC took out four permits. Jackson Contracting Inc. and Catamount Development were each issued two permits for new single family homes while Maves Construction Inc., Construction West and a private builder each took out one permit.

The most expensive housing permit was issued for $438,360 for a home on Jody Court with the lowest valued permit taken at $144,456 for a home in Sun City Mesquite.

Seven permits were issued for residential modifications this year valued at $39,969 compared to two permits worth $3,060 issued in October 2017.

Two grading permits were issued this October valued at $28,142 compared to none last year. No demolition permits were issued this year or last year.

Block wall permits stayed steady year-to-year at 15 as did permits for swimming pools with six issued both years.