Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, along with costume shopping and decorating. It’s a chance to indulge yourself, dressing as a character you want to be or possibly something else; anything crazy goes… if just for a fleeting moment. It’s an escape from daily routines and reality; like those who play computer generated games such as X-Box or PlayStation. It’s similar because you create your own character in these games, enabling one to feel confidence, in which one may not have; to take control…leaving your fears behind. It’s all in the spirit of gaming, sort of like Halloween. Celebrating Halloween isn’t for everyone, but for many it’s an opportunity to be different without judgement.

Paranormal activities are often sought out around Halloween, and while many don’t believe in the supernatural, there are those (myself included) that have experienced something that could not be explained scientifically or otherwise. Activities people search for are often in specific locations, such as…graveyards, hotels, forests and landmarks, among other places worldwide. Hoping to see an apparition or experience some unexplained phenomenon on Halloween excites the many who plan for this very holiday. People…with all sorts of reasons, enjoy being scared this time of year; as for me…I don’t mind being spooked a little, but I believe that a darker world exists, and I don’t care to experiment with it…hence the ‘Ouija Board.’

The Ouija Board is a game by Parker Brothers…though I find it to be more than a game as it sole use is to connect with spirits. It’s a board with letters and numbers, 0 – 9 and the words yes and no on it. It comes with a small piece which is used to surf on top of the board and is a tear drop shape with a clear hole in it, enabling the player to indicate a letter. Years ago, it was made with real wood, and is still sought after by few who play. Players put their fingers on the tear drop piece (ever so lightly), asking a question and waiting, until it moves either spelling out the answer or translating a message in another way or form. Now some of you might be chuckling in disbelief, but this board in my eyes is anything but a toy. I’ve experienced first hand the bizarre stuff that can happen after using it. As children (in the1970’s), my sister and I were curious and even talked our babysitter into giving it a whirl one night, as our parents were out. Laughing after trying time and time again to use this board, the candle blew out and the lights in the house would not work; coincidence? I think not. This babysitter never returned, and we were forced to throw it in the garbage, yet the garbage men left it behind.

In later years, I often wondered if what happened wasn’t part of a child’s imagination, so after an evening of beer drinking we decided to go to Toy’s R Us and purchase a board; we chose the only one that was upside down stacked against the wall. We used it before midnight and asked for a sign. Nothing happened until a couple of minutes after midnight; the doorbell rang and as far as we knew…the bell never worked. Pulling the cover off this old box, we discovered old severed wires; it was inoperable. Days following this event, even weirder things began to happen. Those that were with me that night the bell rang, know it happened and became believers of the supernatural; spirits exist. While people support this board as nothing but a game, claiming it’s harmless, used for entertainment purposes only, they also talk about false claims by those using the Ouija board and the horrors that followed. I say everyone is entitled to their opinions, and this is mine. I would never use it again, and according to ghost hunters and other supernatural experts…using it on Halloween should be avoided. These are not ghost’s communicating through this board, they are spirits. Like humans, not all can be trusted, as some possess a dark side. For those of you still chuckling, remember the 1973 movie ‘The Exorcist?’ This story was about a girl who became obsessed with communicating with a board…and we all know what happened next. This was based on true events, as many other stories out there.

With Halloween around the corner, lets have fun!… embrace it with enthusiasm and make the most of it! I love to see the costumes people choose to wear, along with outdoor decorations. Keep the kids safe and always check their candy before they eat it. Have a frightful and ghoulish Halloween! Just stay away from the talking boards.

Make your week count.