Mesquite City Council Needs George Gault

It took only five minutes for me to know that George Gault is the real deal.  As I sat in his living room and listened to him talk about his vision for Mesquite, it was very clear that George cares about people.  In fact, he’s spent his entire life dedicated to helping communities grow and helping individuals to reach their goals.  He is genuine, understated and abundantly qualified to serve on the Mesquite City Council.

Don’t be fooled by his calm demeanor, George Gault is a city development powerhouse with over 40 years of professional experience in economic and community development.  George helped form Mesquite Regional Business to attract additional businesses to the community.  He also helped to create Mesquite Works to provide training opportunities for job seekers.

In 2017, George received the Governor’s Points of Light Award for working to bring new businesses and job opportunities to Mesquite.  This is an award that is reserved for a select few whose efforts dramatically improve the communities in which they serve.

Does George Gault have the experience to serve on City Council, yes.  Does George Gault have a proven track record in community development, yes.  Has he been recognized by the State of Nevada for his outstanding contributions to Mesquite, yes.  He is decisive.  He is goal oriented.  He is a positive thinker.  He gets things done.  He works well with others.  In my opinion, these qualities are essential to effectively serve on City Council.

Most important to me, however, is that George Gault is a good person.  He is respectful of others, honest and polite.  Yes, character matters.  All you need to do is meet George Gault and you will reach the same conclusion that I did.  Mesquite City Council needs a person like George Gault, now more than ever.  I encourage you to vote for George Gault for City Council, Seat 3, because of his experience, his accomplishments and his character.   George Gault is the real deal.

 Cynthia Conti

Cynthia Conti is a retired Business Owner and Sales and Marketing Executive.  She moved to Mesquite in 2015 with her husband, Elmer.  This is the first time she has ever publicly supported a candidate for office.