For years we’ve heard all about the republican war on women. It pales in comparison to what democrats are now doing to women.

The democrats are now taking the pain, the shame, and the horrid memories I have of a lifetime of abuse and weaponized it for their own political gain.

How dare they.

Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) withheld, on purpose, an allegation of sexual abuse against a person she and all the other democrats vowed they would fight to the end. She and all other democratic women and all the male democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee vowed from day one, actually before day one, that they would do everything they could to stop any Supreme Court nominee no matter who it was.

It didn’t matter if it was female or male. The democrats vowed to bring the nominee down and destroy him/her/it/she/he/who cares.

The democrats have weaponized my personal pain and reduced it to nothing more than a blip on their way to whatever their political goal is.

The party, who for years has touted their being as the party for women and against the party that destroys women, has now taken upon themselves to destroy whichever women they can bring out of the hinterlands, in the name of blocking a person’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

Ah, you say. The Supreme Court nominee isn’t a woman. You’re right. I wasn’t speaking to the high court nominee. The person the democrats are destroying is in fact the female accuser(s). Think about that.

Interestingly, they aren’t so ready to do that with their own men who have actual evidence of alleged or proved abuse against him. If you are a democrat can you dare say the name Keith Ellison? If you’re a democrat can you dare say Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick in the same sentence? If you’re a democrat can you dare say the names Harvey Weinstein and Kristin Gillibrand together?

Feinstein held on to information for two months that she knew she was going to use to throw the entire political system into a maelstrom. And, she did it on purpose. At the very last minute. Not to help the abused but to score political gain.

How does that help women?

Feinstein, and other democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, held the most personal, most damaging, charge a person can make against another person until after a fair hearing could be conducted, all the while knowing the individual (the abused not the abuser) would be further damaged emotionally, psychologically, perhaps even physically, when the story came out.

Talk about weaponizing sexual allegations and women!

But the democrats don’t care if the allegations are true. If they did care about truth, if they really wanted a fair investigation, Feinstein would have brought it up two months ago. No, her answer now is, ‘let’s delay this and delay this and delay…’ All the while holding a woman hostage to the democrats’ shenanigans.

Feinstein and the female democratic senators from Hawaii and New York and …wherever else, don’t give a damn about the woman (women) who is (are) accusing a Supreme Court Justice nominee of sexual abuse. The democratic women only care about their political ambitions. Feinstein, in particular, is in a close race for her seat – not by a republican, but by a democrat.

If Feinstein and the other female and male democrats really cared about me as a woman, she and the others never would have made the current situation such a political circus.

But she and the other democrats don’t really care about me. They care about getting re-elected.

Period. End of story.

I, and all other women, am just a pawn in their game.

I intentionally didn’t use the name of the current Supreme Court Justice nominee because it doesn’t matter who the individual is. Throw the name Betsy Jones, Sally Smith, Judy Walker in there. It wouldn’t make a difference. All that matters to the democrats is delaying, preventing, winning.

I have survived a lifetime of sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse from men. I didn’t win my war because some politician said she was on my side. I won the war because I believed in myself.

I find it extremely offensive that the democrats, especially democratic women, now want to use my pain, my horrid experiences, my lifetime of recovery to politicize their run for the power.

All the democrats want to do now is make women a part of the same beaten down, ‘you-can’t do this-on-your own-class that they have done to so many others. “You need me to win your battles,” the democrats say.

No. I don’t.

I need me and I need my higher up. Whomever I want that to be.

The female senator from Hawaii went on national television and said to the effect – these men (republicans) are not protecting us.

That’s when my head twirled a good 360 degrees.

Wait, wait, wait a minute. Here you democratic women are trying to tell me that I don’t need a man to tell me how to vote, and if I listen to my father, husband, brother, boss, telling me how to vote (that would be Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama) – well, see, there’s the problem with you damn women who think you can think for yourself.

I rarely ever listened to my father, I don’t listen to my brother about anything, I haven’t had a boss is 25 years, and my husband died four years ago. Now what is my excuse for thinking on my own?

And then, the same democratic women turn around and tell me that as a woman I need a man to “protect” me.

Didn’t you democratic women just tell me that men are the problem?

And then you turn around and tell me that I need a man to protect me?

Jeezo, peezo.

I guess that’s the way the democratic war on women works.