What has happened to the American spirit? We were a country of tough people who built an economic power house which was the envy of the world. We were willing to risk it all and if we failed, we simply got up and tried again and again. But today there is a cry of equality for all and we must all share the fruits of your labor. Today this is the rallying cry for the Democratic Party, “You earn it and then we share.”

Until fairly recently our nation was driven by the economic philosophy of Adam Smith who wrote the book “Wealth of Nations” in 1776 the same year our nation declared its independence from big and overbearing government control. In the book he describes the power of determined self-interest. This power gave us all the right to try and then fail but then to try again and again all in our own self-interest. Today we hear from the progressive liberals the call to let the all-knowing government do everything for us.

Most of us remember riding our bicycles without protective gear and the fun we had. Sure we fell and got scraped up but we got up and rode again. That was a very important lesson we learned. When we grew up many started their own business and some succeeded and some failed. Those that failed for the most part got up and started another business and maybe another until they succeed. True some never did make it but they tried and tried again and that is what made us great.

In countries with great government control, only some could start a government controlled business so many who wanted a chance came to America where success or failure depended on you not the government. Yet today liberals call for more controls not less. But our new President has rolled back some of the controls and look what is happing.

It used to be that almost all our immigrants came from countries where overbearing governments’ controlled and they came here for the freedom to try. Many of them rose from poverty to great wealth not because they were the best educated or the smartest, or have been granted some kind of privilege, but because they worked hard. They were not picked by the government, yet it is funny how those in our government today think they know it all and should pick the winners and losers thus directing our lives. Fortunately that has not happened yet but we have come close.

Luckily in the last election we did take that step back from a government controlled future and choice, who with a little help from his father built a vast fortune. He did not take money to lie back and enjoy life, he worked his behind off building this own wealth far beyond what his father had done. There were no handouts but a hand to get started. That’s how people did it, maybe with a little money from a 7/11 store or hard working parents who sent the kids to college when they never even finished high school.

Today the democrats sing the song of socialism that will take care of you with more free stuff. The government will pick the winners. Hard work will not result in wealth because you must give up most of your success to those who just want more free stuff.

Or you can pick those that still support those people who still believe in the American idea that you are the one that determine your level of success with hard work and persistence. That is kind of true grit that made America great.

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