September 6, 1921: The cow boys are home again from the mountains where they have been gathering weaners (young calves) the past week.

September 8, 1912: Willard Iverson and wife of Sonora arrived here August 30 and expect to make this place their home.

The fourth crop of Lurcern is being cut and stacked; Grape drying is just about finished.

September 9, 1909: J. S Huntsman of Mesquite reported A great flood went down the Virgin River last week and has done immense damage to Littlefield, Mesquite and Bunkerville and other settlements down river, taking out dams, filling ditches etc. At Bunkerville the land upon which they had their irrigation canal was washed entirely away, and some people have had their entire farms washed away.

September 10 1916: First group leaves LA for a round trip to S.L.C. and back.

September 10, 1914: Miss Julia Reber of Mesquite NV, is here visiting relatives and friends here (Littlefield). She is the guest of Mrs. Lillian Frehner.  

September 11, 1914: Lyman Reber has returned home from Moapa Valley where he has been working this past summer. He is on his way to St George where he will spend the winter at school.

Our crops this year have been good. The peaches and raisins are nearly gathered.