Listening to the news on different stations it seems there is a parallel universe. Some stations feature a woman of what we used to call “of easy virtue” who was blackmailing the potential candidate for President. This is a woman who in the past would have been charged with crimes and put in jail. Additionally, $130,000 is too high a price for that low kind of merchandise.

It is sad when a man makes a mistake and has to payoff to try and keep the information from his family. Does it have any bearing on doing his job today? Many think not as most of our past Presidents have been womanizers. Running a country is a little different from managing one’s personal relationships.

Other channels show the unemployment numbers and the treaty re-negotiations that put more Americans to work. It’s true that some would still want unfair trade agreements that put workers to work in other countries. Years ago there was a candidate for President that said he could hear the sucking sound with NAFTA as the jobs were sucked out of our country.

Two worlds, one focusing on hookers and blackmail and one or two focused on accomplishments. Unfortunately about 90% of the coverage on a few news sources is anti-President and doesn’t seem to notice the incredible change in our economy and the pace in which things are improving. Some want our leader to insult leaders of other countries; this does not usually lead to a good outcome. For some this is a great outcome because they can sell more war machines and armaments.

There are a few companies who make tons of money when wars occur. Think about it, war is good business and if we make peace they lose. If we think about how much money we have spent on wars in faraway places where some might question why we are even there, where ever there is. We can imagine what life would be like without wars. Money stays at home and makes life better for Americans.

Some news outlets want us to insult countries and their leaders so tensions would rise and we could spend more money keeping troops overseas. One example is Korea, where we have 28,500 troops and all their equipment. Yes, Korea pays about half the 1.4 billion but much of that money is spent by troops in Korea. But think about it Germany, 4 billion, and Japan, 2 billion as well as over 100 other bases throughout the world. Those numbers only reflect direct cost not salaries to the troops which is usually spent locally. That money would be better spent at home.

These parallel universes are the dilemma of our time. Vote for increased tensions or for a relaxed world where we bring our troops home because of reduced tensions. One side is giving us more jobs and a better standard of living, the other more conflict and spending in other countries plus sending our jobs to other countries. One side is the siren song of socialism, the other the song of Capitalism, the system that has made America the richest county in the history of the world.


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