By AlixSandra Parness

The heart of an artist beats in rhythm with the power of imagination in the town of Mesquite, Nevada.  Each month the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery offers a different theme for artists to show their work.  The theme for August is “Earth, Wind and Fire.”

The August Artist of the Month is AlixSandra Parness and her display will be a combination of photos and paintings of the continuing volcanic activity in Hawaii and much more.

While on vacation in Kona on the big Island of Hawaii, AlixSandra took a helicopter ride to see the beautiful landscape. Diving close to the land, she snapped photos of the intriguing silver lava flow that looked like abstract art.  The pilot said that the bright silver folds was the lava no more than an hour old.  On March 29, the land was steaming with lava peeking out in a few places but not yet flowing as it is now.

After viewing the photos, heart racing, images of Pele and other inner Earth beings began to speak.  “We are Creators” they said, “and so are you! Find us among the folds of the new land being created and we will tell you our story.”

Now, April 25, the unfolding of the Photo Book, Creation In Action, would become a reality.  Each Being that stepped forth out of the photo had a message.

“IN THE MAGMA IN THE HEART OF THE EARTH I live within the heat of passion gathering momentum, propelling life forward.  I am young and ancient at the same time, my womb desiring and offering new birth.”

Pele (Mother) knows the fountains of life flowing from her, knows the cycles of tears and laughter, the smoldering flames that contain the power to create new worlds.  “I am keeper of Earth-Sun and I sparkle and glow in the Dance of Creation.”  PELE cannot be contained, she cannot be controlled, she is Omnipotent!

Another powerful message came from an image that looked like two Rams butting heads.

Once the tension of the challenge has been released, you are ready to start building new frameworks for Creation in Action.  Realizing there are no barriers, no fences, and nothing you cannot do or have.”

Can you imagine the stunning reality of these words spoken before May 3 when the Kilauea eruption began to flow?

You are invited to come and experience this wonderful and powerful exhibition of Creation In Action the entire month of August.  Not only will you be able to be in the presence of these Beings, but also a photo book will be available for purchase and a portion of the proceeds will go to the relief and recovery efforts in Hawaii.

The Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery and Gift Shop is located at 15 W. Mesquite Blvd. and is open to the public free of charge Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.  For more information visit