Alexandra “Lexi” Nehrenz crossed the Rainbow Bridge in her Beaver Dam, AZ home early Tuesday morning, July 24, 2018, after a valiant fight against cancer. She was surrounded by her pack and took her final breath, before crossing, with her head cradled in the hands of the one who loved her most, her mom Teri.

Born on Dec. 20, 2012 and adopted on Feb. 9, 2013 by her furever family, Lexi more than lived up to both her breed and name in her five and a half short years. She was a Great Dane; bread from German Mastiffs and her name in German meant ‘Great Protector’, which she was. Lexi’s grandfather was a long time ‘Champion of Show’, Lexi was a champion in our hearts.

Lexi was quiet and gentle but always aware and ready to intervene. She couldn’t be described as any less than regal looking as she silently sat or stood watch over her pack; her favorite spots were the roof of the truck so she could see over the fence, in the ditch she dug under the flatbed trailer parked in the back yard, lounging in the pool with her swine buddy, staring out the front window in mom’s chair when mom was in the yard, or at her mom’s side whenever she could possibly be there.

Lexi’s least favorite things were the vacuum cleaner, broom and fly swatters even though she was never touched by any one of them; when they came out either bones mysteriously came up missing or something ended up squished preceded by a very loud SMACK!

Lexi is survived by her pack leaders Teri and Phillip Nehrenz of Beaver Dam, AZ; Aunts Jessica Callan and Marie Sweet of Beaver Dam, AZ; fellow pack mates, Tank, Pupperdawg, Trooper and Pixie; her best friend, Pork Chop; feline housemates Gidget, Blue, Suki, Tomcat, Jerry and George, the hamster Cleveland (she really just wanted to eat him) and the tortoise, Cruiser, all of Beaver Dam, AZ.

Lexi was preceded in death by her adopted grandmother, Lillian M. Smith of Beaver Dam, AZ and Bedford Hts., Ohio.

Her gentle spirit, tremendous loyalty and unconditional love will be greatly missed. Lexi will always remain in our memories and in our hearts. She was one of the greatest dogs ever and never chewed up the couch or anything; a true ‘Gentle Giant’.   She used her toys more like a pacifier, sucking them but never chewing or destroying them.  Lexi also loved performing her tricks, even when we didn’t ask her to, usually next to the food bin when she just wanted to eat. Tug-o-War was her all-time favorite game to play with her mom; probably because from the age of one; she always won.

The Nehrenz family would like to extend their appreciation to the Virgin Valley Veterinary Hospital and most especially to Doctor Killian Lenahen for their excellent and tender care of our baby girl before and after her passing. Lexi’s remains were cremated and returned to her pack on July 30, 2018.