It saddens to hear so many people talk about the President of the United States with such negativity and hatred.  I avoid facebook a lot now because of the negative and spiteful posts.  As an American, these types of comments are anti-American and offensive.  If you are getting your information from facebook or cable news such as MSNBC, CNN and ABC, your information is one-sided, and very skewed towards the liberal agenda. As someone who watches news and researches the truth, I would like to share the following with you:

On 9 April 2017, four months into Donald Trump’s presidency, a group of men, women, and children, mainly from Honduras began a march through Mexico to the United States border to request asylum.  These people chose to bring children with them, even if they are not their parents, through dangerous territory ruled by cartels and violent criminals.  If any American did this to their children, they would have their children removed by CPS.  Mexico offered these people asylum in their country, but they wanted a better life in the United States, replete with free medical, housing, welfare and in some cases, college.  Who pays for this?  You do, with your hard-earned tax dollars.  No person who comes to the United States through the border at ports of entry is arrested or detained unless they are found to be smuggling people or illegal substances.  Those wishing to become LEGAL immigrants can apply for worker’s status or for citizenship.

The process of separating children at the border is only happening to ILLEGAL immigrants. And for those outraged, this law was passed in 2002 in the Senate by a vote of 90-9. The likes of Clinton, Feinstein, Schumer, Biden, Ried all voting in favor of it – Public Law 107 – 296.  The Obama administration actually expanded the system of detaining families – typically mothers and their minor children – after a huge surge of Central Americans along the U.S.-Mexican border in 2014. The policy resulted in many minors being detained in various locations, in much-criticized conditions, either with their families or by themselves if they had crossed the border alone. A federal judge in California ruled that the Obama administration was violating a 20-year old case, known as the Flores settlement, when it kept families detained for longer than 20 days. The Trump administration has followed the Flores settlement separation practice.  On Wednesday, June the 20th President Trump signed an executive order to reunite children with their parents, a daunting task since many children came unaccompanied.  These underage children cannot just be set free on their own.  This order will likely cause more court challenges to Flores.  President Trump was following the rule of law.  If he didn’t, he would be criticized with comments about having no regard for the law or being above the law.  No matter what he does the left criticizes him – hatred.


Carly Coutant

Mesquite Nevada