June 21, 1910: Samuel Reber Jr. has been to Modena after his gasoline engine and pump to irrigate his farm with. We are anxious to see it run as there are others who are expecting to install one if this is a success.

June 21, 1911, Littlefield: Harvest is over and there is a good crop of grain in the bins. It is unusual thing to have the grain threshed before July, it being on account that there are three threshing machines in the county. Some of the third cutting of Lucerne is in bloom and will be ready for cutting in two weeks. Cane is being planted with heavy acreage this year. Tomatoes are ripe and melons are turning, will be ready for the 4th of July.

June 23, 1908, Littlefield: We are anxiously the return of I.C. Thoreson, the boss of the survey on reclamation project here, to learn something definite about it.

June, 23, 1928, Bunkerville: had a hailstorm and flood. The hail stones were as large as hen’s eggs. Because of the banks of hail residents of Bunkerville were able to enjoy ice cream into June.

June 27, 1908: Telephone committee formed

June 1928: The fine for running a stop sign was $299. Graduating class of 1931 had 21 graduates