By Travis Lauterbach

“What will happen when you die?” It seems less and less people give this question any thought today.

But the question is worth considering. Is there more than this life we live or is this it?

Many people are of the belief that this life is all we have. We live. We die. That’s it.

So some will try to live for helping others in whatever their cause may be.

Some will live to make the world a better place for their children and grand-children, while others try to leave the world better than they came into it.

People may even endeavor for all of these or other things that can give life meaning in a world that otherwise may seem meaningless.

But then again there’s also a great deal of challenges and extreme sufferings involved with life in this world. Everybody knows it. It’s not like I just revealed some deep dark secret.

All people suffer in some way. Some more and some less, but nobody avoids suffering.

Some people have lived through awful stuff from war to conditions of starvation to cancer or other terrible diseases, and the list can go on and on and on.

So the question may be asked, what’s the point of a world where this life is all we have?

What’s the point of people living to pass a better world on to their children when there’s nothing more beyond it?

So there are many people in the world who live to numb the pain of suffering. Some look to alcohol, others to drugs, still others turn to sex. Some seek their answer in sports, others to movies or tv.

There could be so many ways that people turn to pleasure, the things that they believe make them happy in life as they ease the pain of suffering.

Everybody’s been there. I don’t want to think about anything else, so I turn on the game and chill out for a few…

…But the game always ends.

What if there is something more than this life? Jesus promises abundant life- full life.