June 14, 1909, Littlefield: The second crop of hay is being cut and is a very heavy yield. Harvest is complete and the grain is stacked.

June 15, 1922: Smashing all known existing records for the same feat equaling the average train  time between the same points and proving beyond a doubt that the modern automotive vehicle is capable  of bearing up under the severest of road tests a six cylinder car driven by alternate drivers  A.B. Marshall and C.H. Bigelow accompanied by an observer R.J. Grewer, negotiated the 853 miles between Los Angeles and Salt lake over the Zion park highway or Arrowhead Trail in twenty-six  hours and twenty one minutes of actual running time or an average of 32 miles an hour.

June 16, 1921: J.W. Pollock and son Allen were here (Washington County) Monday from Littlefield, AZ with a fine lot of apricots and peaches, which they soon disposed of. They were hauling fruit to Cedar City last week.

June 18, 1909, Bunkerville: There still continues to be colds and fevers among the children, and older ones too. While coming home from conference (St George) Bishop Bunker took bad and had to lay over in Littlefield a day before continuing to Bunkerville.

June 18, 1909, Bunkerville: Last night a reception was held in honor of our newly married couple Oliver Sprague and Betsy Leavitt, at the home of the bride’s parents. All who attended report having a good time.