On April 24, 2018, the Mesquite Clean Indoor Air Initiative Petition Committee submitted an initiative petition for an ordinance to regulate the quality of indoor air by banning smoking in a variety of spaces.  

Members of the Mesquite Clean Indoor Air Initiative Petition Committee have misrepresented themselves for months. While conducting business, testifying before the City Council, and petitioning the residents of Mesquite, this committee failed to file with the state of Nevada until just days ago (June 1, 2018). Their actions appear to have been in direct violation of Nevada’s Election laws. 

This petition committee has flagrantly sought to subvert Nevada’s Election laws and usurp the duly elected officials serving on Mesquite’s City Council with this ballot measure. This violation raises serious concerns and questions as to how they may have represented themselves to Mesquite residents and businesses. The fact that the petition committee has failed to operate in a compliant and legal manner should be cause for concern to anyone who signed the petition and expressed support for this ordinance. 

Smoking is already regulated by the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act (NCIAA), which sets standards for clean, filtered air in commercial environments. As such, restaurants, showrooms, meeting rooms, and convention spaces are all smoke-free leaving gaming areas one of the few places where smoking is not prohibited under the NCIAA. It is doubtful that the Committee is sharing the reality of their proposed over-regulation with those who they solicit for signature support. 

Residents of our city should decline to sign this petition or, for those who have been misled into already signing the petition, ask to remove your name.


Christopher Lazzara

Vice President Marketing & Advertising