Many calls that the Police Department receives are not always included in the blotter, as they are under investigation or a synopsis is not received. To show the amount of work our PD does do, we are including a weekly roster of stats. There were 161 calls this week:

Abandoned vehicle 3

Agency assistance 7

Alarm 19

Animal complaint 2

Animal noise 1

Animal pick up 2

Attempt to locate 3

Battery on person 1

Burglary 1

Citizen assists 7

Custody issue 1

Domestic violence 2


False identification 1

Found person 1

Found property 1

Fraud 1

Hit & Run 1

Intoxicated person 1

K9 search 2

Keep the peace 3

Miscellaneous CAD Call record 12

Non-LEO incident 1

Nuisance or minor disturbance 1

Person on foot 4

Phone harassment 2

Property damage, non-vandalism 1

Reckless driver 4

Stolen vehicle 1

Suspicious person 21

Suspicious vehicle 5

Theft 4

TPO/restraining order 4

Traffic accident w/injuries 1

Traffic accident w/o injuries 2

Traffic problem 3

Traffic stop 3

Transport 1

Trespassing 2

Unknown problem 2

Verbal disturbance 4

Verbal disturbance w/gun 1

VIN number inspection 7

Wanted person 4

Weapon offense 1

Welfare check 9

June 3:

Traffic Accident w/ Injuries: Officers responded to a residential parking lot reference a crash.  Upon arrival, the officers determined there were no injuries and subsequently placed the driver under arrest for DUI.

Intoxicated person: Officers responded to a Mesa Blvd.  casino reference a disorderly intoxicated male. Officers contacted a male who failed to obey lawful commands and was arrested for obstructing.

Burglary: Officer responded to burglary at a Second South St.  residence. Spoke with R/P who stated nothing missing, door damaged; photos and report taken.

Wanted person: Officers responded to a verbal dispute at a Second South St. residence. One female adult was arrested on a misdemeanor warrant.

Trespassing: Officers responded to threats from a male at a local casino. No crimes were committed and the male was trespassed.

Theft: Officer responded to a department store for a report of a theft. A report was taken and the investigation is ongoing.

June 4:

Hit & Run: Responded to a local business on a possible hit and run in the parking lot.

Vehicle 1 had left the area prior to arrival. Vehicle 2 owner was advised.

Wanted person: Detectives attempted to locate a male with a fugitive warrant out of Salt Lake City Utah with negative results.

Citizen Assist: An officer received a request for information involving an ongoing investigation and active arrest warrant.

Theft: Officers responded to a business on a report of a theft. An adult female was arrested for grand larceny and burglary.

Domestic violence: Officers responded to a local residence for a verbal dispute.  One adult male was arrested for an active warrant.

Property damage, non-vandalism: Officers responded to a vehicle accident at a local business. One male adult was cited for failure to report the accident.

Domestic Violence: Officers responded to a verbal argument which turned physical. Both parties were separated and later on cited for domestic battery.

June 5:

Traffic stop: An officer conducted a traffic stop that resulted in the arrest of the driver for DUI.

Wanted person: An officer located an adult female with a bench warrant out of Mesquite Municipal Court. The female was arrested for the warrant.

False identification: Officers made a traffic stop on a vehicle for expired registration. The driver was arrested for falsely providing identification of another, possession of drug paraphernalia, and traffic offenses.

June 6:

Trespassing: Officers responded to an E. Pioneer Blvd. casino for an intoxicated subject threatening employees and refusing to leave. The male was taken into custody.

Traffic stop: Officers conducted a traffic stop for use of a cell phone while driving. One female was cited for an open container of alcohol in a moving vehicle.

Traffic accident w/o injury: Officers responded to an accident involving two vehicles. One adult male was cited for a traffic offense.

June 7:

Traffic accident w/o injury: Officer completed a traffic accident with no injuries report.

June 8:

Property damage, non-vandalism: Officer completed a property damage report.

Traffic Stop: Officers conducted a traffic stop for a traffic offense. One male was arrested for possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia and another male was arrested for two local warrants and drug paraphernalia.

Agency assistance: Mesquite Officer responded to a Tamarix Way residence to assist another agency. Mesquite Officer arrested two individuals for possession of controlled substance.

Traffic stop: An officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle, for a traffic offense.  The driver, an adult male subject, had multiple active warrants for traffic offenses.  He was taken into custody for the traffic offenses, rather than cited and released, due to the active warrants.

June 9:

Wanted person: Officers responded to a residence reference a verbal dispute. One adult female was arrested for a misdemeanor warrant.

Suspicious person: Responded to report of a suspicious person at a local convenience store. After further investigation the adult female subject was charged with Petit Larceny and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Fraud: Mesquite Officer responded to a Mesa Blvd. residence reference a report of fraud.

Theft: Took a report of theft of property; incident created.

Battery on person: Officers responded to a Kitty Hawk Dr. residence for a physical altercation. An adult male stated he was in an altercation with his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend fled but was later found and identified. The male resident signed a complaint for battery and breach of peace.