By Richard Brown

One of the hardest things is trying to find the perfect Hair Stylist.  Especially if your new in town, you want someone that really has a vision for your “Look” and works to make you well, wonderful looking.

You want a style that is beautiful but also easy to recreate day after day.

My 40 plus years of experience as a Stylist has taught me the importance “to ask questions”, “ask questions” and “ask even more questions”.

A Hair Stylist wants to hear from you first about your personal vision.  Do not hesitate to tell them how you see yourself and how you would like to be seen.

They do not know you well in the beginning and you need to share your dreams and aspirations for the type of look you like and how much time you devout each day to recreating a hair style.

Never say to a Stylist “you are the creative one, make me look great”.  That is the best or worst thing you can say to them, because they will run with an idea that may be totally wrong for your individual needs.

Interview your Stylist, ask questions and share information.  I always recommend getting a cut first and then talk about the right color that works with it.  A hair styling professional is always a great source for “Tips and Tricks”

Also, be honest with them if you are on medications, or having other lifestyle issues.  This will have a direct effect on the appropriate choice for color.

I have sat down and spoken with several Hair Stylists here in Mesquite to get their ideas and recommendations for the “perfect hair”.

Stephen of “Stephen’s Hair and Boutique” has been styling hair for Men and Women here in Mesquite since 1998.  With over 50 years of experience he says “you get to know your clients so well, they all become your friends”.  He is a master at both style and color.

Patricia with “SmartStyle” a division of Regis Hair believes “It’s an opportunity to explore never-ending creativity”.  She is a good listener and has good ideas and her philosophy is that hair is “art that walks”

Jalee with “Fusion Salon and Spa” really loves her work.  She is a Colorist/Highlighter and a master nail technician.  She is creative and believes what she does is “fun and playful”.

There is a good variety of Stylist’s here in Mesquite, so ask your friends for recommendations, look around and ask someone who has great hair you admire.

Each Stylist has their own philosophy and take on hair styling and can be useful and supportive in you trying to get “The Perfect Look”.

Next month we will be diving into “Moisturizers”.

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