Hiking Southern Nevada, Volume One is available in paperback format. Each of the 25 hikes described in the guide originally appeared as a published story in The Spectrum (St. George, UT); Mesquite Local News (Mesquite, NV); The Sun Runner (Joshua Tree, CA); and Moapa Valley Progress (Logandale, NV).
This guide is about hiking and generally exploring desert areas, specifically southern Nevada). There is no better way to experience the ruggedness and beauty, the history of settlement by Native Americans and later pioneers, and the solitude than by simply hiking and exploring. The purpose in writing this book is to enhance the enjoyment of all who wish to sample the richness of southern Nevada. You can read the first few pages and purchase the book at Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/Hiking-Southern-Nevada-One-Garrisno/dp/1986572153/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8
Included in the 150 page book are more than 25 color maps and more than 50 color photos taken during the hikes. Twenty-five hikes are featured, each one includes: a general description of the hike; trailhead access; average hiking time; hiking distance; fees and permits; elevations; best season for the hike; trail rating (difficulty); type of hike; United States Geological Survey map(s) used for the hike; online resources about each hike; a sense of humor/playfulness for each hike; and a full description of finding the trailhead and the hike.
Additional chapters cover “How to Use This Guide,” “Desert Hiking Tips,” “Quick Hiking Guide,” “Trailhead Locator Maps,’ and four pages of “Information Sources.”
Here’s what Dr. John Crossley, owner and publisher of the acclaimed The American Southwest website and Facebook page says about Hiking Southern Nevada, Volume One:
Hiking Southern Nevada is a detailed, well researched, and entertainingly written guide to the varied trails in one of the southwest’s lesser known scenic areas. Tom uses his wealth of local knowledge to highlight the best hikes in southern Nevada, including developed routes in the national and state parks, and off-trail walks in more remote places.”
Steve Dudrow of Mesquite, Nevada, a Certified Interpretative Guide and Public Lands Volunteer says this about the book.
“Tom’s relaxed, humorous, and informative trail reviews get you, the family, and the car there in one piece as well as providing the required details to enjoy our beloved southern Nevada geological and archeological treasures. Hiking Southern Nevada is a must for everyone’s car library of hiking guides and maps.”
Go outdoors and relax, leave the pressures of daily life behind for a few hours. These hikes are not hard-core three day backpacking treks through the wilderness. That is a great thing, but not for the vast majority of people, even those who enjoy the outdoors. There are many good hiking books with long, tough hikes—this is not one of them.
These are more of “get off the couch or out of your daily rut” and see what nature, plate tectonics, and erosion have given you. These stories and hikes are for the average person/family that understands the value of nature, but never quite gets out to enjoy it.
Tom has explored and hiked the American Southwest for more than 25 years. His wife, Deb Looker, accompanied him on all those treks and every hike in this book.
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