As early voting wraps ups Friday, election day is Tuesday, June 12.  Over 40 percent of voters will vote on election day. We spoke with candidate Jared Fisher, who rode his bike 1,400-miles through rural Nevada -twice- and is ending the last few days of this election, once again in rural Nevada.  We caught up with him for 5-minutes.


How do we create more money and jobs in the rural counties?

I see a three- prong approach:

  1. First I will look into the Payments in Lieu of Taxes” (PILT) payment to Nevada. These are Federal payments to local governments that help offset losses in property taxes due to non-taxable Federal lands. Nevada receives less in payment annually per acre than our border states Utah and Arizona, by as much as 42-cents per acre. With 56,718,311 acres that equates to $23 million.  As Governor I will look deeply into this program seeking parity with our neighbors.
  2. Recreation Tourism is my business expertise. $1.9 billion comes into the state through outdoor recreation, which doesn’t include biking and hiking, that’s just bird watching, fishing, hunting, and boating.  I will look to expand and grow the recreational tourism segment in the rural counties with, trail systems, outdoor sportsmanship, and more.
  3. I have a first 90-day SWEEP Assessment Plan, Statewide Executive Efficiency Program. This is a businessman’s approach to government spending and waste. Any department that has received a poor ranking or has been identified of any misuse of funds or major failures to the public will be asked to give me an internal assessment of their strategy for improvement. If we cannot self-evaluate and solve the underperformance and or mismanagement of funds, we will never pull ourselves from the bottom of education, mental health and healthcare.

What other issue have you recognized as you traveled through the state?

I must tell you, I see the need to improve and upgrade two things; the Internet and infrastructure. As governor I would immediately tap into resources that can help to bring better Wi-Fi and Internet service to our rural communities. I too live with poor service in my hometown, Blue Diamond, and we are looking at ways to improve our service. In addition, as President Trump’s $1.5 trillion in new spending on infrastructure, gets funded, I will look for Nevada’s fair share of this funding for improvements to the infrastructure to the highway and roadways through the middle of our state.

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