Mesquite Regional Business is pleased to announce the hire of its new President and CEO, Colton Teerlink.  Colton began on May 21 and will take over completely for interim director Courtney Sweetin by the end of the month.  Colton was born and raised in the Virgin Valley and has lived in the Mesquite region most of his life.  He has a bachelor’s degree in Business from Dixie State College and a master’s in Business Administration from Southern Utah University and has worked in sales and business development roles in Southern Utah and Mesquite.

“We are glad to have someone with strong ties to the local community who already knows the region and its strengths,” said Dan Wright, Chair of the MRB Board. “We think this is a great fit and that Colton will be an asset to both MRB and the community in his role as CEO,” Wright concluded.

Teerlink said of his new role, “I love this valley and look forward to working with others to grow our community. I have a passion for business development and it’s a great privilege to be able to work in this position.”