The streets of America are filled with violence every day; even suburban neighborhoods are being targeted. Turning on the television is sometimes like entering a dark room while feeling anxious, expecting the unexpected…never knowing if ‘Breaking News’ might appear on your screen and if so…who, what, where and when did it happen. Sadly, people across the U.S. seem to be calling it the new ‘norm’ in America; no one can escape the violence. It is up to every one of us to seek and create peace, so we may share it with one another…at least…we have to try.

Peace is an occurrence of harmony, characterized by the lack of violence, conflict behaviors and the freedom of fear of violence; . We need to be the best version of ourselves with the ability to contribute…with all that we are and all we have in order to create a world that supports everyone; this secures the space for others to do the same, like a chain reaction…so we may create PEACE. Starting with ourselves we must find inner peace. This can be done by quieting our thoughts in our mind; being less stressed is a vital importance for mental well-being. Also, finding a work-life balance is important; often times we take on too much in our personal, work or volunteer lives, ultimately creating more stress, while needing less of it. Resolving to be happy is a sure way to creating peace; surrounding our life with happiness can transfer those vibes on others we share ourselves with. We all know people we like to be around…it’s because we find joy and sometimes uncontrollable laughter together, which warms our hearts. These are all essential to creating a more peaceful world; and in this world…we need more love, not hatred.

I think bringing back the peace sign (logo) in more products, clothing attire, pins and stickers could be beneficial; as we all know there are new trends, including past ones that come back every now and again, so why not? There have been countless school shootings, drug cartels discreetly entering our suburban neighborhoods, senseless pedestrian hit and runs and multiple other acts of violence which seem to be on the rise across America; we all need to take action. On the 21st of September is “International Peace Day” around the globe…and this year #peaceday will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We have 3 months to help create an event, whether it’s in your city, neighborhood, schools, churches or local grocers…any act of kindness to promote peace can help in making a difference. Get people excited to be involved on this day and maybe…we can create a movement, small or large to bring Peace back into our lives; it’s what we all need (together), really.

Make your week count.