It appears that we have survived a coup d’état by our own government people. With the revelations that are just now coming out is seems that several high level people in the Justice Department and the FBI were trying to undermine and remove first a candidate and then our duly elected President from office. These people should be tried for treason.

We are also shackled by an Attorney General, Jeff Session that is either complicit or totally incompetent.  Thank goodness there appears to be someone who did not play the treason game. The Dept. of Justice Inspector General, Michael Horowitz seems to have created a report of what has been going on. That report, which is under review, is seemly what has brought on a stream of newspaper leaks of what has been going on. Those leaks are an attempt to lesion the impact of the report.

He is now been instructed to investigate the FBI trying to infiltrate the Trump Campaign. The latest revelations indicate that spies were place into the orbit of the Campaign in 2016 long before Trump was the candidate for President. How can it be that the FBI was spying on a campaign with no criminal event planned or haven taking place? It seems that some did not like Trump and they were out to sink and chances he might have to first become the Republican Nomee and then the President.

The American people have always trusted the FBI to be the honest guy and gals. Yet some people within the FBI have decided that they know more than the people and they know what is best for the country. Their efforts to control the course of the country let them to modify evidence and slant investigations to attempt to control the outcome of an election and then when that was not successful undermine the duly elected President. This is typically done in third world countries.

Not just the criminally of what they have done but their arrogance is almost inconceivable here in America where people take an oath to uphold the constitution and work with some of our finest people. To think they know what is best for the rest of us indicates how far left they have moved and find others like them in the same organization makes us all wary of how big government has grown and how insulated from the real people they have become. They have begun to believe they know best for our country and are prepared to us their power and office to do almost anything to control our countries destiny.

Then the simple question is how far and how pervasive this is within both the Justice Dept. and the FBI plus is any other agency involved? Once that is uncovered these people must be removed from power and in many cases prosecuted to the full extent of the law and incarcerated. This may seem harsh for people who claim to be patriots but they ae not patriots but people who want to be dictators and rule as they see fit. We must set an example for those we trust in high position that to betray that trust will pay a very high price.