Catching a movie at the theater can be expensive today, but it hasn’t stopped true movie lovers from attending. The experience is hard to match when it comes to screen size and sound. Some larger corporations have upped the ante, knowing that movie goers love to be comfortable; they decided to install reclining seats along with designated row and seat numbers for added convenience. This enables their customers to choose a seat prior to entering the theater; so if you’re one who likes to be in the middle row…smack dab in the center for easier viewing, you’re not alone. Seats are like prime real estate for the serious movie goer. Bigger movies will sell advanced tickets, but beware…those packed enthusiasts are there for viewing, not all the other stuff that some bring with it; such as unwanted noises, food and, or loud obnoxiousness behaviors of sorts; this is a case of bad manners in the theater, so let’s go over a few rules.

Movie etiquette starts with an advertisement on the screen; “Please be quiet during the movie and turn your cell phones off!” Some theaters use to tell you to just ‘Silence’ your phones, but people continued to break these rules, so now they ask that you turn them OFF and rightfully so. No one wants to see you checking your social media page throughout the movie or texting someone, besides….the light is seriously irritating.

Then we have the people who seem to want to eat during the movie, bringing in baggies of stuff from home or fast food places; while I understand you don’t want to spend the money at the concessions stand, think about others around you who came for the movie. It has been traditional and a fact that movie theaters were known for their popcorn, not to mention the aroma surrounding the place…but smelling McDonalds and whatnot …is just wrong; please don’t bring it to the movies. Plan ahead, eat at home or stick to the food they serve there; the same goes for beverages.

Patrons consuming food should have some respect; didn’t your mother teach you to eat with your mouth shut? For whatever reason, some folks feel the need to smack their food while eating or trying to guzzle their drink in order to get their free refill; shaking or swishing your big cup around while throwing your head back to retrieve cubes gets annoying. Be mindful of those next to you and show some manners; why is it so hard to be courteous?

Don’t be a distraction to others; I admit…I have failed in this area before (no one is perfect); being a ‘Pirate of the Caribbean’ fan, I’d seen the movie more than once, so anticipating certain scenes, I became excited and would begin to talk, as I knew the lines (script) well…I was totally annoying. People love attending their favorite movies, but don’t recite the lines or tell others what’s about to happen. Remember… Please be silent; that goes for all the jibber jabbers and annoying laughs and snorts of sorts, as some movie goers seem to have a need to be loud and obnoxious.

Lastly, if you are attending one of the theaters where you were able to choose your seat…LOOK at your NUMBER clearly. Many times people in a rush only give a glance at their tickets if they’re running late; disturbing those around you and accusing people of being in your seat after the movie screen begins is WRONG. This just happened in the movie theater. A manager on duty had come to the aid of the couple being accused (of taking someone else’s seats), and then noticed that the movie guests had read their tickets wrong; they were in row F and their seats were actually in row E. If you make a mistake, then an apology would be appropriate; no one likes to be wrongfully accused or feel bullied.

Movie Theaters are a great place to relax and enjoy ourselves, so we should be mindful of others, as we are not in the comfort of our own homes to do what we please; let’s face it … we all paid a price to attend and for some this could be a rare affair, as we all know…it’s no longer cheap. Please turn-off your cell phones and let everyone enjoy the movie; it’s simple as that.


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