May 24 will be the last R.I.P.P.L.E, (Rural Improvements through Local Efforts) otherwise known as Virgin Rivers Community meeting unless community member/members would like to step up and take on the responsibility of the 501c4.

The VRC has had lack of community interest and involvement for two years. Peggy Owen, present VRC Board President feels that she’s exhausted her and the board’s efforts to enlist volunteers.

Owen is hoping that she’ll gain some volunteers who want to take on the VRC rather than dissolve it, due to the difficulties in getting non-profits like it started up. The VRC is listed as a political lobbying non-profit. Non-profits of this type must not be organized for profit and must be operated exclusively to promote social welfare. Tax donations to 501c4s are not tax deductible.

Owen said, “I hope I’ll get someone to take over the VRC. To ever reestablish such a non-profit, if needed, will be a hassle.   I’d like to see someone take it on just to keep it open in case it’s ever needed again as in the No Nevada Water Grab project it took on.”

Present VRC board members will be moving their efforts over to the Loretta Keith Long Foundation (LKLF). The LKLF was founded by the late Gene Maughan. When Maughan passed away Owen took over the foundation and kept it open but only in paperwork filing; the foundation’s activity has been on hold for two years since Owen took over the VRC.

The LKLF was a major contributor to the community health center and Sub for Santa for two years after the program was removed from the VRC. The LKLF would like to take the Sub for Santa program back since the same ladies who run the program are also part of the foundation.

Owen feels that the LKLF, a 501c3 non-profit agency, is a better umbrella to stand under when raising funds for the community; 501c3 non-profit donations are tax deductible.

The ladies involved are willing to keep the responsibilities of organizing the yearly Christmas Parade and Baazar but would like to focus more efforts toward fundraising for the schools, fire department, clinic, food bank and Old School House renovation.

Owen said, “I’m hoping a story will bring some folks out to the meeting who will want to keep the VRC going if they wouldn’t have to worry over the parade and other things. They could update the by-laws to meet as little as needed and just stand by for the main purpose of supporting this area with Kingman and our neighbors of Utah and Nevada.”