The Nevada Desert Dogs may have come up short making the playoffs in the inaugural season of the North American Premier Basketball League, but they weren’t left out when honors were announced by League Officials. Team members A.J. Gaines and Jelan Kendrick received Sixth Man and Person of the Year awards respectively. Not only did Gaines receive notice from fans around the League but electrified the hometown Desert Dog fans each and every game. Gaines changed games as soon as he stepped on the court with spectacular dunks throughout the game. His hang time on dunks would make any bird proud. When Kendrick arrived in Mesquite in midseason to start his professional career, he didn’t disappoint local Dog fans. His jump shot was exceptional and his pin-point passing setting up teammates brought oohs from the fans. Kendrick never thought he would ever play professionally, but made a promise to himself that he would donate his first paycheck to charity as soon as he received it. He did and that’s history. Gains and Kendrick averaged 20+ points per game and should have great professional careers wherever they play. Our hats go off to Gaines, Kendrick and the rest of their teammates for providing us with great entertainment and basketball in Mesquite.