On April 28, 71 year- old Ron Cooke was traveling north on I-15 in a pickup truck hauling a trailer when an accident occurred which caused the truck and trailer to flip over. Cooke escaped uninjured but was trapped in his vehicle upside down.

Cooke explained that while making the move from his home in Parker, AZ to a newly bought home in Missoula, MO, he was hauling the last of his load, a small travel trailer.

Cook told the MLN that he saw a police vehicle ahead with his lights on and began to move over to the left side of the road when a car must have been in his blind spot and hit him. He said the driver, a woman, in the other car said that when he began to veer over, he cut her off leaving her nowhere to go and no option other than to hit him.

The impact caused his trailer to catch the edge of the berm and pull both vehicles into what Cooke described as a “Wild ride.”

As the vehicle came to a stop upside down, Cooke discovered the door was wedged in the ground and he couldn’t open it. He began to roll down the window when he heard some voices outside and asked them for help. He said three older gentlemen, names unknown, pried open the door and pulled him to safety and he is grateful.

The female driver of the other vehicle had a baby in the car and both also escaped without injury.

Cooke seemed in good spirits despite the ordeal and patiently waited for the tow trucks to show up. He said he feels fine today but tomorrow might be a different story. The truck and trailer on the other hand didn’t fare so well but at least everyone is ok.