April 12, 1910, Mesquite: If you wish to see beautiful roses, call at Nephi Johnson’s farm and your wish will be gratified.(Nephi’s wife had a green thumb)

April 12, 1911, Bunkerville: Harmon Tobler is adding another room to his house.

April 12, 1913, Bunkerville: Alma Leavitt has gone to the Potasi mine with an eight-horse team to haul ore.

April 12, 1912, Bunkerville: Last week Ray Neagle was out hunting. While crawling under a fence he had one finger in the barrel of the gun when it discharged a shooting off the little finger of his left hand and disabling him so he cannot go to school.

April 17, 1908, Bunkerville: The Jones boys have sold their corral spot just north of the schoolhouse to the trustees, who intend clearing it for larger play grounds around the school.

April 17, 1911, Littlefield  Edward Knight and his family have moved from here to the Muddy Valley (Overton) to make their future home.