Mesquite WCFA: Two very disappointing experiences.

I’m extremely respectful of the assessment process in finding the right family for an animal. Screening is an absolute necessity. Having adopted 3 previous animals, 2 from an animal agency and one from our local shelter, I’m aware of the procedure and I’m in total agreement with the inspection. However, my two encounters with our WCFA made it very clear they’ve already formed a preference for a family prior to posting a dog’s sweet picture in the paper for availability. This is so unfair to hopeful doggie wan-a-be owners.
My 1st encounter was with a lady by the name of Nancy she met us at Marilyn Park for a “meet & greet” there was a lot of discussion, (which is good). However, her comment that this little doggie (a Shih Tzu mix) “needed a walk around Marilyn Park a minimum of 6 times a day” (vs our one time a day) seemed rather extreme. I wondered who had the time in a day for such a routine I knew then, obviously we weren’t being considered. The visit concluded with a “We will call you when another doggie comes along that is more suitable for you.”
About 6 weeks later a picture of a Poodle Shih Tzu mix was posted. We were so excited and immediately contacted WCFA. This time I talked to a lady named Linda. I asked why we hadn’t been notified about this doggie as Nancy had promised to call us when another small dog became available for adoption. I did not get answer, rather, she went on to explain, “This dog was 2 ½ yrs. old and “at our age “she felt it would be too much for us.” I took immediate offense and replied, “Are you saying you decided we weren’t good adoptees without even meeting us? Without seeing our home, our fenced back yard, meeting our Shih Tzu? You decided you weren’t even going to give us the opportunity to meet this dog and get a feel for him, and visa versa and also, “are you judging us by our age?” She just started to repeat what she had already said. I ended her chatter with “I don’t have time to listen to you repeat yourself again, it’s obvious you already have another family chosen.

Just this past week again, two more small dog’s pictures were posted and of course, we didn’t get a phone call, not surprising to me just very disappointing which makes me wonder how many other competent adoptee’s aren’t being considered. Age? – 70’s? – Really? Why post their picture in the paper?
Billie Newton