White Privilege in Mesquite? Yes of course there is white privilege for the descendent of the people who built this country. In case someone has forgotten it was the white people from Europe who were the first settlers and the people who wrote the Constitution which laid out the values that has made America the example of what freedom can do if once released.

All over the world there are tribes of people who have the same values and societal make up. Whether it is in Norway, France or Somalia, most of the people talk, generally look and think alike. Certainly not all are exactly alike but enough alike to identify as a kind of tribe. And if we go back far enough before countries were establish that is what brought people together and then they formed countries with people who were alike.

That is the how human kind organized, people who were alike gathered together and those that did not fit formed other countries. That is the way most of the world worked. Now some talk about changing that here in America.

Some talk about a multicultural society and sing the song of diversity. They want to change this country, which has brought the greatest wealth to its citizens, into something else; Bringing large numbers of people into our country that do not have the same beliefs, education and even language can overwhelm the local communities. Yes over the years, many people came into the country and were assimilated. Many first generation immigrants did not know anything about the country but by the next generation or two they were assimilated with American values, culture and ethics.

They learned the value of hard work and were self-reliant, no handouts only a hand up. It is true some did not make it but many, many did and prospered. Yes we are not always equal but over time we did the best we could to get those who wanted to work hard on board.

Those that fit in the best (spoke the same, looked the same, had the same values and even the same religion) did better. But over time those barriers began to fall and if you worked hard you moved up, not to the top right away but step by step people could rise up and get a better position in life and the children could move up further. You heard that saying “I was the first in my family to go to college.” Sure it is not perfect but where else in the world do you have a chance if you are not a member of the ruling tribe?

Yes there is “White Privilege,” but nowhere else can someone move up as they can here, yet some want to change all that, let’s change the values, let’s change from hiring on merit to hiring on need. They want to bring in people who have nothing in common with those already here and will not integrate. They stay in their own tribe and so they cannot get a job and welfare is the only thing for them and their families.

The solution is bringing in those who wish to become Americans; they do not have to have the same religion but cannot be anti-Christian. All are welcome but let’s not kill the golden goose. That is the system that has brought untold wealth to so many. We must not let it go back to a tribal system. If we overwhelm our current system with too many that will not or cannot be assimilated it all could be lost.

America should not be where you do not have to work to survive. No one should go for free except those who truly cannot make it on their own. Everyone works and has a chance but nobody who can work gets freebees. Not enough jobs, make some up, it’s easy.

What is missed is that “White Privilege” has been slowly morphing into “Merit Privilege” where if you have something to contribute you move up, if you do not contribute you stay where you are or move down. I vote for “Merit Privilege”.